Calamity’s End

It’s been ten years since we first posted the world is going to end and it hasn’t. In the past decade the same preventable tragedies bubble into our news feed, the same tired colloquialisms, the same well-worn fears, and it seems like we don’t do anything to deter or prevent. But here’s the magic we tried to capture with this site: these stories aren’t the norm. The world isn’t falling apart, and even if it was, there’s a very good chance you’re not going to kill and eat your neighbors. Most of us, given the chance to cool down, aren’t reactionary idiots tearing our clothes and screaming as we run down the streets. A vast majority of us are just people. Sure, we have different ideologies on politics, religion, and family, but when you boil all of that away and look at those magical proteins, we’re ninety nine point nine percent the same. As we close this grand experiment that was Calamity News we hope you recognized the extreme position we presented in a decade worth of news stories, and rolled your eyes.

Take risks, and be safe.