Polish Are Insulted By Prez Gaff, Still Haven’t Figured Out Polish Jokes Are About Them

Warsaw, Poland – The Polish government expressed dismay today after President Barack Obama referred to a World War II concentration camp as a “Polish death camp.”

“We realize that everything we say could insult someone,” said a White House official. “In fact, just admitting that we were wrong is insulting to someone. So we’d like to say we’re sorry, except to the people who take offense to our apology.”

“We’re very insulted,” said a Polish ambassador as he poured coffee in his cereal and then tried to eat it with a fork. “We’re not the European idiots you childishly paint us to be.” He then stood and looked around, adding, “I’ve lost my breath. Oh, found it.”

The Center for Polish Study called the Polish government’s sensitivity “confusing”, “as far as we can tell, they’re still trying to clean up after the war” and “that’s right, they still haven’t cleaned up. If you want to be taken seriously, maybe you should clean up after sixty years. Sorry, but we’re sick of being made fun of by the other Centers of Study.”

“Big deal, he misspoke,” said a voter. “If the job was to orate, we’d have… I donno who’s the modern day Demosthenes, but we’d have him.” She went back to shopping before adding, “can you please leave me alone?”