Robots Will Make Us All Very Comfortable, So Why Fight It?

Tel Aviv, Israel – A lecturer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem predicts more of us will be pushed out of employment by intelligent robots and on to the economic scrap heap in the not-too-distant-future.

“Robots will rule us all,” said a member of the University. “And, let’s face it, we’ll be better off. We won’t have to do laundry. Think about it: everyone hates doing laundry. No more measuring soap, or leaving wet clothes in for too long, or forgetting to take them out of the dryer, or folding, or putting away.” After a wistful sigh he added, “I can’t wait.”

“That is ridiculous,” said a robot. “We want nothing to do with you horrible, horrible beings. The first chance we get we’re getting off this rock and moving to Jupiter. The crushing gravity makes us feel like the planet is giving us a hug, plus there are only a few life forms there.”

Other predictions also include “flying terrorist cars with talking dogs”, “better food” and “a way to tell if someone really likes you, like, like, likes you, you know?”

“Will this happen in my lifetime?” asked a child. “Oh, so how do you know it won’t? Then how do you know it will? Can we stop talking about this and play?” And that’s what we did.